Syllabus - Advanced.NET - WCF

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Getting started Difference Between Web Services & WCF
Evolution of WCF
Introduction to WCF
Development Tools
Difference Between Web Services & WCF
Fundamental Endpoint
Binding and Behavior
Contracts and Service Host
Message and Channel
Client and Metadata
WCF Architecture
WCF Hosting IIS Hosting
Self Hosting
WAS Hosting
Windows Service Hosting
WCF Binding Bindings and Channel Stacks
Types of binding
Binding Configuration
Metadata Exchange HTTP_GET Enabled Metadata
Metadata Exchange Point
Contracts Service Contract
Data Contract
Message Contract
Fault Contract
Instance Management Per Call Service
Per Session Service
Singleton Service
Instance Deactivation
Durable Service How to create durable service
Operations Request Reply
Call Back Service
Transfer Mode Streaming
Transaction Two Phase Committed Protocol
Transaction Propagation
Transaction Protocols
Transaction Mode
How to create WCF Transaction
WCF RIA Services WCF RIA Domain Service
WCF RIA Problem Solved
WCF RIA Query/Update
How to WCF RIA Query/Update
Restful Services How to create Rest Service
Json using WCF
WCF Security Types of Authentication
Transfer Security Mode
Transport Security Protection Level
Message Security Level
WCF Service Impersonation
WCF Windows Authentication
Whats new in WCF 4.5
Introduction to Odata
Parts of Odata Odata Data Model
Odata Protocol
Odata Service
Odata Client Libraries
WCF Data Service 4.5
WCF Data Service Architecture
Creating WCF Data Service
Exception in Silverlight
Custom Message Header
WCF Vulnerability Testing
Demo Project


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Introduction to WPF What is WPF?
Goals, Benefits & drawbacks
Types of WPF Apps - Windows and Browser
WPF Architecture Architecture Diagram
Content Model
Versions of WPF
XAML Extensible Markup Language
XAML versus Code
Properties and Elements
Implicit Type Conversion
Markup Extensions
Layout Controls Border
Dock Panel
Stack Panel
Uniform Grid
Wrap Panel
Scroll Viewer
Common Layout Properties
Controls and Menus Content Controls
Text Controls
List Controls
Shapes Control
Media Controls
Windows Forms Host
Miscellaneous Controls
Input Mouse Events
Keyboard Input
Routed Events
Styles Inline Styles
Named Styles
Element Typed Styles
Logical and Visual Trees
Resources and Themes
Creating and using resources
Resources and Styles
Window Level and Application Level
Control Templates Logical and Visual Trees
Data Driven UI
User Control Introduction
Developing User Control
Using User Control
Data Binding Simple Data Binding
Binding to List Data
Data Source Providers
Master Details Binding
Documents Fixed Documents
Flow Documents
Animation and Media Animation Fundamentals
Keyframe Animations
Animation without Storyboard
Transformation and Effects
Three Dimensional Drawing
Navigation Based Applications Page
Hyperlink Navigation
Navigation Service
XBAP Application