Android Course Details and Description

With the advent of technology, lifestyles are changing rapidly and so are the latest gadgets like phones, televisions, wristwatches, cars and every kind of devices. Superior quality android operating systemis leading the technology charts.

Android has created a strong presence in the market with an approximate 80% share in it and the way it is being developed, very soon android app development will be the quintessential requirement for every businesses and companies. LearnersParadise delivers genuine and placement oriented android training to aspiring students who aim to make a revolution in the world of technology

The android operating system and android app development courses of LearnersParadise include both basic and advanced level courses with extensive live projects, coding exercises, interview training and other android training which will help the students to gain immensely. The android training course combines theory and practice to assist the students to build excellent apps. With outstanding lab facilities, excellent infrastructure and highly experienced faculty members, LearnersParadise ensure that each and every student are given real-time android training assistance

In the android training program, LearnersParadise offers Android Architecture, Android SDK, Setup of Android Development environment, Apps Fundamentals, User Interface, Data Storage, Media API, SQL Database, Location Framework, Customized Content Providers and other Android Projects which will enable the students to become android experts.

The inventive ideas along with spectacular android experiences makes LearnersParadise distinct from the other tutorial centers. With substantial technology expertise and exhaustive practices in mobility, Learners Paradise has been deemed as one of the bestandroid training centers.

In order to be eligible for android training at LearnersParadise every student is required to hold the basic knowledge of Core Java and C++ which will enhance their complete learning of android operating system and android app development within a stipulated time period.


Introduction and Overview of Android
Basic Core java Concepts
  • Introduction to Android
  • Overview of Android and Android SDK
  • History of Android
  • Android features
  • Android Architecture overview
Introduction to OS layers
  • Linux kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • Application framework
  • Setup of Android Development environment
System requirements
  • Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
  • Creating first Android application
  • Project Structure
Android Application Fundamentals
  • application building blocks
  • Activating components
  • Shutting down components
  • LifeCycle of Application
  • Development tools, Manifest File
  • LifeCycle of Activity

User Interface
  • View Hierarchy and Layouts
  • UI Events
  • Building Menus
  • Notifying users
  • Creating dialogs
  • Graphics & Animations
Main Building Blocks
  • Activity
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Resources

Overview of Android Resources

  • Creating Resources
  • Using Resources
  • Drawable Resources
  • Animation Resources

Data Storage

  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal Storage (Files)
  • External Storage(SD Card)
  • SQLite Databases

Android Media API

  • Playing audio/video
  • Media recording Blue tooth WiFi Camera Telephony Manager Location Services