Dot Net Online Training Program

Why Choose Dot Net Online Training Courses?

Dot net commonly referred to as .net is a software framework that was initially developed my Microsoft. This sturdy software framework is built to work on various types of Windows platforms. The Dot net online training courses that are offered online allow both students and working professionals to effectively utilize their time through scheduled and timely online classes, online exams in order to get certifications to help them with their careers.

Modules Covered By The Best Dot Net Courses

Choosing a coaching centre carefully is indeed the key to building a path to success. Basic and advanced courses teach different modules to students who has signed up for their desired certifications. Learners Paradise which is one of the leading online certification centres for best dot net courses, teaches various modules such as the following:

  • Programing Fundamentals
  • C# With OOPS
  • C#.Net
  • Asp.Net
  • Ado.Net Architectures
  • MS-SqlServer
  • Web services
  • Windows Communication Foundation(WCF)
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Application Architectures
  • LINQ, Entity Framework Latest Version
  • Ajax, JQuery
  • MVC

Who Should Enrol for Virtual Dot Net Courses?

Virtual courses are ideal for anyone who has basic understanding of programming languages; however these courses can be fully utilized by both students and professionals with some background in programming. Virtual dot net courses for students can benefit those students who have an interest in securing a good paying job in the IT sector. Virtual courses can benefit those working professionals who want to either change domains or move up the ladder by learning new skills. Students and working professionals who are interested to move their careers on the lines of Application Development can benefit significantly from choosing coaching centres such as Learners Paradise or virtual classes. These classes are held by experts known as mentors who are not limited by their geographical location. The classes that are conducted by Learners Paradise are customized for each and every student which means that only suitable mentors will be assigned to students to help them learn quickly and in a systematic manner.

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Topics Covered[in this course]
Programming Languages C#, Object Oriented Concepts
Database Concepts SQL Server Programming [T-SQL]
Web development HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, Dot Net MVC Concepts
JavaScript and Frameworkst JavaScript, JQuery, Introduction to Angular JS
Responsive UI Bootstrap Introduction
DB Frameworks Entity Framework
Version Control Tool SVN (Tortoise SVN)
Project Process SDLC – Waterfall and Agile(Scrum) Process
Duration 30 working days


Daywise syllabus

Day No. Topics(contents) Duration
1 .Net Framework, BCL, C# Program Structure, JIT, CLR Application Types that can be developed using Dot Net, Operators in C# 1.5Hrs
2 C# Programming basics, Data Types, Memory Units, Control Structures [Branching, Looping Concepts] 1.5Hrs
3 C# - Arrays, Functions, Collections & Generics Object, var, Boxing and Unboxing 1.5Hrs
4 Lambda Expressions, LINQ, Exception Handling 1.5Hrs
5 Class, Object, Access modifiers 1.5Hrs
6 Static Class, Static Methods, Inheritance, Types of Inheritance, Polymorphism 1.5Hrs
7 Abstract Class, Interfaces, Properties, Delegates 1.5Hrs
8 HTML – Hypertext Markup Language 1.5Hrs
9 JavaScript, JavaScript Examples 1.5Hrs
10 CSS, Types of CSS, CSS Selectors 1.5Hrs
11 SQL Server Programming, Data Types in SQL, Types of Commands in SQL 1.5Hrs
12 Writing Queries in SQL Server, Joins in SQL Server 1.5Hrs
13 Stored Procedures in SQL Server 1.5Hrs
14 Introduction to ASP.NET Web application development, HTML vs ASP.NET Controls, What are third party controls like Telerik etc., 1.5Hrs
15 ASP.NET Validation Controls 1.5Hrs
16 Master Pages and User Controls 1.5Hrs
17 XML Concepts, JSON, Web Services and WCF Services 1.5Hrs
18 ADO.NET Concepts, Saving Details in DB, Retrieving details from DB 1.5Hrs
19 Introduction to .NET MVC, Model, View, Controller, MVC Project folder structure, Sample Project 1.5Hrs
20 MVC Project with CRUD Operations, Using Code First and database first approach, Entity framework 1.5Hrs
21 Sample MVC Project with all real-world details like: Creating Database, Saving details in database, Adding Menu, Validations, Partial View, Helper Methods, etc., 1.5Hrs
22 JQuery Examples, Types of Selectors, Modifying DOM elements data using JQuery, Power of JQuery 1.5Hrs
23 Introduction to Angular JS, CSS Revision, Bootstrap Responsive UI Introduction with Themes available 1.5Hrs
24 Version Control Tool – SVN Setting up SVN, check-in files, check-out files 1.5Hrs
25 SDLC Process – Waterfall model, Agile(Scrum) model, Agile Process - Details 1.5Hrs


DOT NET MVC PROJECT [MVC Project with Menus, Validations, CRUD Operations] will be done by students
This is Dot Net MVC Project: Entity Framework
MVC Concepts
CRUD Operations
END to END Project