UI Course Details and Description

Introduction to Frontend UI and Website Developers Training Programs

Website development comprises of learning various codes, syntaxes, applications and programs. Although it might seem challenging at first, the possibilities are limitless when you learn website development through a professional channel. Before you decide, which course you would like to join, it is important to know a few facts about website development. For instance, Frontend developers’ courses teach budding developers to use websites using languages such as HTML, java Script, CSS and other client side technologies. These courses aim to teach students how to deliver a completed website in a short timeline, where in the budding developer learns the right way to view the website as a whole. These courses also teach students how to combine various web pages while following a streamlined process so that the end result is satisfactory

Key Benefits of Learning Frontend UI

One of the main benefits of learning frontend UI is that this module is meant to create completed webpages, not just merely individual elements. Learning this skill can be immensely valuable for developers who are interested in delivering completed products to clients that are on a tight deadline. Another one of the major benefits of learning frontend UI is that, these courses teach a variety of programing languages and how to mix and use various concepts so that if one concept does not work, you have another way out to solve the problem at hand. Learning frontend UI was never an easier task, as classes will impart both theoretical information and practical knowledge so that you have you have enough experience to solve practical issues in the working environment

Are You Ready To Learn Website Development?

If you want to learn website development, then you do not have to worry about this being a daunting task. If you know the basics of how to use a computer, then that is all you need to start your journey as a Frontend UI developer. If you are pressed for time and are concerned about time and that you will need many free hours to complete this course, then here is some good news for you. These courses last for 25 to 40 hours and are spread over a few weeks, so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly and with ease.

Frontend Developers Trianing Course


Primary: Learn Website Development

Secondary: Benefits of Learning Frontend UI

Tertiary: Frontend Developers Training Courses



Introduction to HTML
Basic Tags
  • Adding Headings, Paragraphs and Breaks
  • Adding Lists
Links within a page
Link paths explained
Introduction to HTML
Basic tags

  • Adding Headings, Paragraphs and Breaks
  • Adding Lists

Links within a page

Link paths explained

Adding Images

  • Adding an image to your page
  • Making an image into a link

Aligning text with images Adding the “alt” attribute to your image Creating Links

  • Linking pages to each other
  • Adding E-Mail Links

HTML Frames

HTML Tables

Form Designing


Search Engine Friendliness

  • Adding Titles
  • Adding META-Descriptions
  • Adding META-keywords

Dream Weaver

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Text Properties
  • Links
  • Common Tools
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Working with flash
  • How to design forms
  • Frames
  • How to create css Styles
  • Working with Photoshop template
  • Sample Website design


  • What is css
  • Types of css
  • What is inline css
  • Discuss inline css
  • What is internal css
  • Discuss internal css
  • Discuss about properties
  • Types of selector
  • Difference b/w class selector and id selector
  • What is div
  • Template creation with divs
  • Difference b/w div and span
  • External css


  • Introduction JavaScript
  • What is JavaScript
  • What is statement
  • Types of statements
  • What is variable
  • Variable declaration
  • What is an operator
  • Types of operators
  • Discuss operators theoretically and practically
  • Conditional statements
  • Introduction to loops
  • For loop examples
  • While loop examples
  • Difference b/w while and dowhile loops
  • functions
  • Parameterized functions
  • Non-parameterized functions
  • Recursive functions
  • Difference b/w parameterized and non-parameterized functions
  • Math calculations using functions
  • Math calculations using functions and forms
  • Introduction to objects
  • What is property and method
  • String object
  • Math object
  • Navigator object
  • screen object
  • Date object
  • Array object
  • Introduction to HTMLDOM
  • Document object
  • Window object
  • Discuss dropdown menu practically
  • Discuss navigation menu practically


  • Ajax
  • Introduction to Ajax
  • What is XMLHTTPRequest object?
  • Ajax properties
  • Ajax methods
  • Ajax event handler
  • Working with xml with ajax
  • Retrieve the data from xml


  • BS Get Started
  • BS Grid Basic
  • BS Typography
  • BS Tables
  • BS Images
  • BS Jumbotron
  • BS Buttons
  • BS Button Groups
  • BS Glyphicons
  • BS Progress Bars
  • BS PaginationBS Pager
  • BS List GroupsBS Forms
  • BS InputsBS Inputs 2
  • BS Input Sizing
  • BS Carousel

Bootstrap Grids

  • BS Grid System
  • BS Stacked/Horizontal
  • BS Grid Small
  • BS Grid Medium
  • BS Grid Large
  • BS Grid Examples

Bootstap case

  • Case Container
  • Case Jumbotron
  • Case Button/Icon
  • Case Multicolumn
  • Case Menu
  • Case Navigation Bar

Bootstap css

  • CSS Typography
  • CSS Buttons
  • CSS Forms
  • CSS Helpers
  • CSS Images
  • CSS Tables

Bootstap Combs

  • Glyphicons
  • DropdownsNavs

Introduction of jquery

  • Introduction
  • features of jquery
  • syntax of jquery
  • how to write jquery program

Features of Jquery

  • jquery selectors
  • Introduction
  • Discussing about jquery selectors
  • Introduction to Jquery filters
  • Discussing about all jquery filters theoretically and practically
  • jquery selector manipulation
  • Attribute manipulation
  • css manipulation
  • Discussing about css()
  • Discussing about all css methods
  • jquery functions and events
  • Helper functions
  • Bind()
  • Unbind()
  • jquery effects and animations
  • Discussing about effects
  • Discussing about animations
  • htmldom traversal
  • Inserting content(all methods)
  • Jquery rotator with program explanation
  • jqueryui
  • Introduction
  • interactions
  • widgets
  • effects
  • utilities
  • Jquery rotator with simple code
  • Jquery rotator without code
  • Simple Jquery slider
  • Jquerysliderhorizental
  • Jqueryslidevertical
  • Jquery slider with pager
  • Jquery 3d slider
  • Jqueryshuffle
  • Jqueryzoom
  • Popupwindow
  • Cloudzoom
  • Jquery form validation
  • Jquery form validation using plugin




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