MSBI Course Description and Details

Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2008

The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is the next generation of integrated software server system that gives users an opportunity to use database platforms for scalable, connected and stable enterprise applications. This database generation application provides a stable environment that can be used on various workstations at different locations. The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 can also be used with ease on PDA and other hand held devices.

Important Facts About SQL Server Integration Services

Also known as SSIS, SQL Server Integration Services are primarily used to extract and consolidate various types of data from both databases and other sources such as flat files and XML files. After this, the processed data is loaded into a targeted system such as but not limited to a datawarehouse.The SQL Server Integration Services System also contains a set of tools used primarily for developing and testing integration programs, a server component is also contained in this package.

Key Reasons to Enrol in MSBI Courses for Developers

SQL is a tool that has been used since many years and will be used in the foreseen future due to the various beneficial applications of this flexible system. The Microsoft BI course is designed to help developers make the most of the Microsoft BI system. These courses are meticulously planned to provide in-depth information on the various aspects and tools of the SSIS system, SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Analysis Services. Both theoretical knowledge and practical working experience is imparted in this courses to ensure that students can overcome any difficulties they might face while on the job. MSBI Course for Developers cover topics such as understanding DW concepts, how to install and configure the MSBI system and how to implement the ETL system using SSIS. Such courses will also provide detailed and valuable information about other topics such as the importance of multidimensional models, how to create and administer cubes in SSAS and how to create and administer adhoc reports.

Eligibility Criteria To Enrol for The MSBI Course

The basic eligibility criteria for enrolling in this training program is having some understanding of RDMBS. This training program is ideal for professionals who would like to make a career in the Business Intelligence, Software and/or Analytical sector. Candidates with basic understanding of concepts like ETL OLAP can benefit most from this training program.

Why Choose LearnersParadise to Learn MSBI Courses for Developers?

LearnersParadise strongly believes in providing practical knowledge to its students through a series of tests, lab experiments and other forms of hands on experiments. LearnersParadise is one of the few training institutes that utilizes the skills of renowned experts in the field to give students the best training that they can get. The certification system at the end of the course, makes students eligible to get accredited for finishing the course. This standardised accreditation can be used to find jobs in reputed companies that are looking to hired skills and certified developers for various positions.