QA testing course details and description

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Who is this QA Software Testing Training Course for?

This product testing course is the ideal open door for every one of the individuals who are searching for Software Testing (rudiments + propelled) preparing. If you are new to the IT field, need to construct your item testing data, and need to look for after a calling in Testing or in case you have to make a deep rooted move from an other development, this course is just for you. See course subtleties underneath.

In this course, we will show you the most functional things required for you to get and endure a product testing work.

On the off chance that you are a fair school drop, this is EXACTLY what you are searching for to open the entryways for your fantasy vocation

On the off chance that you are an accomplished proficient from ANY other field yet needed to be in IT, this course will assist you with doing this switch easily

On the off chance that you are an accomplished testing proficient, you will be astonished at the new things and propelled strategies you will figure out how to function productively and adroitly in this field.

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The Online QA Testing Course Benefits:

  1. Syllabus:  We concocted a special rundown of subjects that will help you step by step work your way into the testing scene. It incorporates the customary testing strategies as well as will give you a look at the methods for testing that are coming up.
  2. Intelligent: It will be totally intuitive. Our point is to make each class feel like a meeting to generate new ideas.
  3. Practice sessions: With every subject, we will give you assignments such that you will get the chance to apply the hypothesis you adapted right away.
  4. Correspondence improvement: We accept that an analyzer's ability ought to have an arrive at that is past the specialized information. Through this product testing course, we need to prepare you on the best way to be an over IT proficient and not only an analyzer. Your verbal and composed relational abilities will be endlessly improved through this course since we will communicate all the time.
  5. Resume Support and Interview planning: We will audit your resume and let you know how you can make it increasingly viable. We won't simply give you a rundown of inquiries questions, we will go over them with you and make you work prepared.
  6. Support:  Our Team will be accessible to you through email or the site for you to connect with us

Course Content

Testing Fundamentals

  • What is Automation testing?
  • Benefits of Automation testing?
  • What type of Test cases can automate?
  • What type of test cases not to automate?
  • Automation life cycle
  • Different types of Automation tools
  • Difference between QTP & Selenium

Introduction to Selenium

  • History of selenium
  • What is selenium?
  • Components of selenium

Locator identification

  • What is element property?
  • Different ways to recognize element properties
  • What is firebug and firepath?
  • How to recognize element in chrome & IE Browsers?

Webdriver Introduction

  • Why webdriver?
  • Downloading Webdriver Jars and configuration in Eclipse
  • First Program in Webdriver
  • Opening different browsers

Element Identification methods

  • findElement()
  • findElements()
  • diffrence between findElement() & FindElements()

Handling Links

  • How to recognize link in the webpage?
  • How to perform operation using links
  • retrieve list of the links in the page
  • retrieve specific links in the webpage
  • checking link is displaying or not

Handling checkBoxes/RadioButtons

  • How to check/uncheck checkBoxes/RadioButtons
  • Retrieve number of checkboxes/RadioButtons in the webpage
  • Retrieve specific checkboxes/RadioButtons in the webpage
  • Verifying checkbox/Radio button is selected or Not?

Handling dropdown list

  • What is dropdown list?
  • types of dropdown list
  • About Select Class
  • select class Methods
  • different ways to select/unselect a option in the dropdown list
  • selecting a option Randomly in the dropdown list

Handling Alerts

  • What is Alert?
  • about Alert interface
  • different methods in Alerts
  • alert ()
  • getText ()
  • sendKeys ()
  • accept ()
  • dismiss()
  • How to handle alerts in real time

Handling Windows (Multiple WebPages)/popups

Handling Frames

Handling WebTables

  • Methods to identify webpages
  • a)getWindowHandle()
  • b)getWindowHandles()
  • How to navigate from one Page to another Page
  • How to close multiple windows one after another
  • Difference between close () & quit ()
    • what is Frame?
    • How to Identify Frame in the webPage
    • How to check element is Present in the Frame Or not
    • How to move your focus from Page/Frame to Frame
    • How to come back to the main state/page/frame
  • What is webTable?
  • How to Identify Table, rows, columns, cells
  • finding no of rows in the Table
  • Finding no of columns in the Table
  • retrieving records based on records
  • Retrieving records based on cell by cell
  • retrieving specific records
  • Retrieving records based on column