SAP FICO Course Content online training and class room training

Enterprise Structure

  • Define Company
  • company code
  • Business Area
  • Consolidation Business Area
  • Functional Area
  • Credit Control Area
  • Fiscal Year Variant
  • Posting period variant
  • Open and close posting period
  • Define chart of account
  • Account Groups
  • Retained Earnings A/c
  • Document Types
  • Define Number Ranges for Document Types
  • Posting Keys
  • Define Tolerance limit for GL Accounts and Employees
  • Maintaining Field Status Variant
  • Define Tax codes for sales & purchase
  • Enter Global Parameters
  • Creation of GL Master Data at company code
  • Chart of Account Segment and Centrally
  • Creation of Gl Master with reference
  • General Posting of Documents
  • Posting of Sample Documents
  • Posting Parking & Held Documents
  • Releasing of parked documents Fast Data Entry

Recurring Entries

  • Define Run Schedules
  • Enter run dates
  • Posting transactions
  • Execute run schedule
  • Create Batch input Session

Account Payable

  • Define Account Groups for Vendor Master Data
  • Define Number Range for Vendor Accout Group
  • Assign Number Ranges to vendor A/c Group,
  • Define Tolerance limit for Customers/Vendors
  • Creation Of Vendor Master Data Define Alternative reconciliation A/c for Vendors,
  • Define Accounts for Cash discount taken
  • Posting of Vendor Invoice
  • Vendor Payment
  • Down payment Made
  • Partial Payment
  • Residual Payments
  • Parking of Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Vendor A/c Clearing
  • Automatic Payment programme(APP)
  • Interest Calculation Configuration

Withholding Tax

  • Basic Settings for W/Tax
  • Defining the Calculation Procedure for W/Tax Types and W/Tax Codes
  • Assign W/Tax Procedure to Vendor Posting

Account Receivable

  • Define Customer A/c Group
  • Define and Assign Number Ranges for Customer A/c Group
  • Creation of Customer Master Data
  • Define Alternative Reconciliation A/c
  • Define Cash discount granted
  • Customer invoice and payment entery
  • Customer Down payment
  • Partial and residual payment
  • Parking Invoice
  • Debit Memo
  • Customer Clearing

Terms Of Payment

  • Maintain Terms of Payment
  • Dunning Procedure: Defining Dunning Procedure and Run the Dunning Programme

Bank Accounting:

  • Creation of bank master Data
  • Creation of check lots
  • Viod Check Cancelation of checks
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement configurations

Asset accounting:

  • Copy refrence chart of deprecation
  • Asset class
  • Creation of asset master data
  • sub asset creation
  • purchase of asset
  • sale of asset
  • transfer of asset
  • Deprecation run


  • FI and MM, FI and SD


  • Creation of Controlling Area
  • Define number rangers for documents of co version.
  • Cost Element Accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Profit center Accounting, Internal orders