SharePoint Online Training Course


Reaching Your Full Potential Using SharePoint Online Training Courses

SharePoint is a unique and effective product that has given businesses the needed tools to arrive at business solutions in a time consuming manner. SharePoint however, requires the user to be aware of the various modules and available tools to be able to fully utilize it. SharePoint online training programs can help employees understand effective project management strategies, build applications, develop forms, develop and modify workflow forms and create dashboards.

Modules Covered Under The Best SharePoint Training Programs

The best SharePoint Training Programs that have proficient tutors usually cover the following module in the 3 to 6 weeks course duration

  • Identify the use of SharePoint in Enterprises
  • Build Collaborated Environments Using SharePoint
  • Use Inbuilt Templates to Build Lists and Libraries
  • Use Content Types and InfoPath Forms
  • Write Event Handlers Without Any Errors
  • Build Both Application Pages and Master Pages
  • Use Web Parts To Create Custom User Interfaces
  • Explore SharePoint Shared Services such as Business Data, Search, User Profile and Excel

How Can Choosing Learners Paradise Progress Your Career?

Learners Paradise has tie ups with mentors from around the globe that are the best in their fields. This implies that your tutor might be from a different country, however, he or she will have the needed theoretical and practical knowledge to help you understand each concept in depth at your own speed. Moreover, all SharePoint Online Training Courses are customized for both students and working professionals to match both their requirements and schedules. The certification given by Learners Paradise can be used to further enhance your career prospects and get higher salaries from reputed firms. The Virtual SharePoint Courses held by Learners Paradise are short but have clear and concise modules which means that you are taught exactly what you need to know to progress in your career path.

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Understanding SharePoint 2013

  • SharePoint Product Topology & Architecture
  • Capabilities
  • SharePoint Deployment Options
  • Development & Extensibility Option Overview

Developing SharePoint Solution

  • Farm Solutions
  • Sandbox Solutions
  • Breaking Out of the Sandbox
  • SharePoint Features
  • Solution Packages

Developing SharePoint App Models

  • SharePoint App Model Overview
  • SharePoint Hosted Apps
  • Developer/Self-Hosted Apps
  • Azure Auto-Hosted Apps
  • Public & Corporate Marketplace

Pages and Navigation

  • SharePoint + ASP.NET
  • Master Pages
  • Site & Application Pages
  • Navigation
  • Chrome Control
  • Ribbon Extensibility

SharePoint Security

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Claims Based Authentication
  • Programming Security
  • Securing Apps
  • App Identity
  • OAuth & Server-to-Server (S2S)

Lists, Libraries, and Events

  • List Instances
  • Document Libraries
  • Event Receivers (Sites, Lists & List Items)
  • Remote Event Receivers

Server-Side SharePoint Development

  • Server-Side API Overview
  • Server-Side Data Access
  • CAML, SPQuery & SPSiteDataQuery
  • LINQ for SharePoint
  • Working with Large Data Sets

Client-Side SharePoint Development

  • Programming with JavaScript
  • Client Side Object Model (CSOM)
  • WCF Data Services / OData / REST API
  • Client-Side Cross Domain Calls
  • JavaScript Controls (Notifications, Status Messages, Toast Messages & Dialogs)

Developing Workflows

  • Understanding the Workflow Architecture
  • Windows Azure Workflow
  • Workflow Stages
  • Dynamic Values
  • Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Creating Workflows with Visual Studio 2012

Business Connectivity Services

  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Architecture
  • Creating & Using External Content Type Models
  • BCS Apps
  • .NET Assembly Connectors
  • Authentication Options

SharePoint Search

  • SharePoint Search Architecture
  • Search Web Parts
  • Customizing Search
  • Programming with the Search API
  • Entity Extraction

Enterprise Content Management

  • Document Management
  • Records Management
  • Document Sets
  • Managing Large Content Sets
  • eDiscovery
  • Managed Metadata
  • Programming with Managed Metadata (server & client side)